Day 1: Guest Bathroom

Day One: Guest Bathroom

Before we get started in this Room by Room series, I need to mention that I tweaked some of what I said in last week’s post. I mentioned that starting in the most used room is easiest and what I tend to do. Day one, though, was a little different—I started with our least used room. Our guest bathroom.

We were at the tail end of our third move in about three years and were waiting for the last of our household goods. This means that our main rooms were missing some furniture. Because of this, I decided to tackle the room that had all or the majority of their furniture/goods.

Now, on to the guest bathroom!

As you’ll soon see, I buy a lot of our goods in bulk and/or on sale. Our at home “grocery store” means that we always have backups and can wait for items to go on sale, thus saving us money. Anyway, with this surplus we need extra storage space that we don’t have just yet in the garage. So I split our shop and tossed half of it into the bathroom. What isn’t pictured is the linen closest that houses, well, our linens!

U IMG_1538.jpg
Left hand cabinet

Under the sinks, we have 2 standing cabinets and 2 drawers. I used the inner most cabinet to store every day bathroom items and excess cleaning/healthcare products. In the back, are our not currently needed extras—extra windex, cleaning wipes, medications, etc. Towards the front are the everyday necessities—soap, shaving creams, toothbrushes, etc. Basically, if you or your guests will need it quickly, it goes in the front.

The right hand cabinet holds a variety of different items, but a lot of cleaners. On the left hand side are a set of three drawers. Yes, the bottom drawer is gone, but I’m using it in the kitchen—you’ll see! The top drawer holds different loose items and the middle drawer holds first aid items and pocket tissues. In the open space, under the middle drawer, is a first aid kit. The rest of the area houses cleaners — from bathroom to dental hygiene — and sunblock. IMG_1551.JPG

Underneath the cabinets, in the drawers, I’ve placed a mix of guest necessities and miscellaneous cleaning items.

The biggest take away from the bathroom area is to make sure that you can clearly see and easily access all your goods. It doesn’t have to be in straight lines that are a half-inch apart and you don’t need to spend gobs money on organizational products. The three-tiered bin that I used for the bathroom cost less than $5.00 and I’ve had it for years. 

All in, Day One took me less than 2 hours. The time breakdown is as follows:

  • Initial sorting of all goods (keep v. toss): 45 minutes
  • Throwing away and wiping down items/areas: 25 minutes
  • Organizing items: 35 – 40 minutes

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