Room by Room Organization | Living Room & Entry

Day Two: Living Room and Entry 

After our couch was delivered, I jumped into organizing our living room and entryway. I decided to tackle the entryway, too, because our wall decor was spilt into both rooms. As you’ll soon see, aside from the couch, our room layout didn’t change. The biggest changes can be seen in our main walls and storage ideas.

Living Room

Again, the biggest change was adding in our couch. In doing that, we were able to quickly decide what could stay in the room and what needed to go to a new room. The 2 boxes on the floor were the first to go! One arm-chair moved upstairs and one into the right hand corner of the room. Then we moved all the throw blankets into the end table (left of the TV) and arranged the throw pillows. 

Next I moved a bookshelf (from the entry) behind the couch to optimize storage for both the living room and kitchen. Since our end table doesn’t fit at either end of the couch, we lost a space to hold glasses or snack dishes. After some back and forth, I decided that the bookshelf would always have two coasters and our snacks would sit on our laps or collapsible dinner trays that can be removed. The rest of the bookshelf space is used for cookbooks and fire pit accessories.

The TV stand is actually two oversized chests from IKEA that were on sale. We got them about a year ago to store our DVDs, gaming equipment, and miscellaneous TV cords.

Lastly, we moved all our photos from the floor to the wall and moved onto the entryway.




Organizing the entryway was pretty simple.

Our cabinet holds most our fancier glasses, but won’t fit in the dining room. We placed it in the center of the hall knowing that it would hold some decorations and have color placed above it.

I left the white cubby unit by the door to hold a pair of shoes for each of us and the dogs leashes, harnesses, and baggies. On top of the cubby, I put a ceramic bowl with similar colors to hold our guests’ keys.

Then came the closet. I KNEW the dog food, vacuum, and games had to go in there. So, after some trial and error, all of our board games went on the top shelf, the dog food now lines the left side and the vacuum sits on the right hand side. We each have coats in there, but we were able to hang the dog’s “suitcases” and have extra hangers for guests. I put the games on the top shelf and realized we had space behind the dog food. It was the perfect space for the dinner trays, table leaves, and folding chairs.

Lastly came the decor! Pictures were hung and a rug was laid.


Room(s) complete!

All in, Day Two took about 4.5 hours. The time breakdown is as follows:

  • Initial sorting of all goods (keep v. toss): 60 minutes
  • Throwing away and wiping down items/areas: 25 minutes
  • Organizing items: 90 minutes
  • Wall hangings: 90 minutes

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