Room by Room Organizing | Kitchen & Dining

Day Three: Kitchen

Next up, our kitchen and dining area! The toughest part of this room was finding a place to put food. The easiest setting up the dining room.

Until now, everywhere we have lived has had a pantry. We decided to make 3 upper cabinets and 1 lower cabinet our “pantry”. The rest would be dedicated to our kitchenware. We, luckily, had a(nother) hutch that we keep our china, some glassware, and extra accessories in.

Note: I make sure to have everything washed before I start the organizing process. I’ll do a wash cycle on the dishwasher for the dishes and cups and will hand wash the pots and pans.

Before: Kitchen
Before: Dining


In order to make sure the food doesn’t spoil, we’ve tried to keep it all as far away from the stove.  We also decided to make a small corner of the garage our excess dry goods storage. FYI: this was a really bad idea. Hello, ants! We’ve done this in other homes and never have had a problem.


The plates, cups, pots and pans (and lids), and miscellaneous items all found a home.  The most important thing to think about is where you use the items and how often you use them. For example, our daily dishes sit to the left of the stove close to the living room and the closest to the dining area.

We also had to decide what was staying on the counters and what we’d tuck away. I use our KitchenAid mixer probably 3 times a week so I gave it a permanent home on the island. The coffeemakers (yes, two) and toaster oven also stay out.


Like I said before, our hutch holds our china, some glassware, and accessories. We also have it holding our excess “daily dishes”. Having this hutch as allowed us to avoid clutter in our cabinets.

Room(s) complete!

As you’ve noticed there are no after photos. We’ve been having ant problems and have had to take out almost everything from the cabinets. Once everything gets put back, I’ll update this post!

All in, Day Three took about 3.83 hours. The time breakdown is as follows:

  • Initial sorting of all goods (keep v. toss): 60 minutes
  • Washing and wiping down items/areas: 90 minutes
  • Organizing items: 65 minutes
  • Wall hangings: 15 minutes

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