The Beginning | First Trimester Recap

By now you know, we are pregnant!!!

The shock and awe of this pregnancy is still very overwhelming. Never in a million years did I think we’d get to this point the way we did. That pesky first trimester is over and we are now into week 18 (second trimester), so I thought I’d share what happened during those first 13 weeks.

Month 1: With this pregnancy, we got a positive test on January 28, 2018, at 3.5 weeks along (very early). Every 3 days, I would go in to the fertility clinic for blood work to check the progress of my HCG levels and progesterone; knowing that usually around 4.5 weeks are numbers would plummet. Little did we know, this time would be a bit different.

The day we got a positive blood test. Jan. 29, 2018

Round 1 (01/29/18): HCG 44+ Progesterone 17+
Round 2 (02/01/18): HCG 233 Progesterone 15.5
I was put on progesterone supplements and would continue until week 13
Round 3 (02/05/18): Progesterone 15.5
At this appointment we only checked Progesterone. If that number went lower than they’d check my HCG to see if that, too, had dipped. I got a call this evening to say the Progesterone had stayed the same and they’d see me in a few days.
Round 4 (02/08/18 4.5 weeks): HCG 5563 Progesterone 16
With the confirmation that our numbers were increasing we scheduled an ultrasound for 02/26/18, barring any complications. 

Once we found out I was pregnant I was told to take it easy. No heavy lifting (anything over 20 pounds which would later drop to nothing over 15), no exercise, and modified bed rest (laying or sitting for 2 hours up for an hour). The bed rest was supposed to last 3 weeks and ended up lasting 5 weeks. Which was…boring. Luckily, I was exhausted the first trimester, so the time I was awake was short.

Goal: Get to 9 weeks with good growth ultrasounds and be transferred to a high risk OB

Feb. 3, 2018

Month 2: On Valentine’s Day we were 5.5 weeks and I woke up to some spotting. We immediately called the doctors and went in for an ultrasound dreading the message that was about to come. We were prepped that the only good news we could hope for was a sac with a dot inside it. The bad news would be if there was only a sac or nothing else.

5.5 Week Ultrasound Feb. 14, 2018
Feb. 10, 2018

They turned the machine on and at the same time the doctor and technician jumped toward the screen. The was a large sac with a large dot and a flicker (the heartbeat). We aren’t sure what the bleeding was and (to be honest, now I don’t care). We left that day knowing there was a baby and waiting for the originally scheduled ultrasound on 02/26/18.

We walked in on 02/26/18, measuring a little more that a week ahead of schedule. Baby had a heartbeat of 167 and according to the doctor was measuring big, in addition to being ahead of schedule. A few days later (03/01/18), we returned for another ultrasound. The baby was measuring 10 days ahead of schedule and was still big. Another week (03/07/18), baby is still 10 days ahead of schedule and still big. At this next appointment (03/14/18), we are 9+ to 10 weeks, baby is still measuring ahead and big. We are transferred to a high risk OB who will stay with us through the pregnancy. Until next time, fertility clinic!

In between all these appointments I was dealing with “severe morning sickness” and exhaustion. I was getting sick constantly, wasn’t hungry, was crazy bloated, having acne problems, but was gaining weight because of the medication side effects. Walking the 15 feet to the shower took all the energy out of me. It was rough. The first appointment in March was because I fell down the stairs and went through a plastic baby gate we had up to corral the dogs. Baby was fine, I was fine, my knees though…were bloody, deep gashes that still have not fully healed.

Side notes: I bought my first pair of maternity pants at 5.5 weeks because I was so bloated and my stomach was so bruised and sore from the shots. Even wearing normal baggy sweatpants was painful. We closed on our house on 02/27/18 and moved in on 03/12/18!

Month 3: One day shy of week 10 (03/16/18), I had my first high risk OB appointment. They set me up with a perinatal specialist because I was on the heparin and talked me through what I should expect. Special testing, chromosome testing, ultrasound schedule, etc. A standard welcome appointment!

We are in the new house! March 14, 2018

A few weeks later (03/27/18) at 10+weeks, I had my perinatal appointment. What a surprise that appointment was! The doctor and technician powered up the machine to find a baby who was in the 120+ percentile. Baby was HUGE…and according to the doctor I have a very small torso, which explains why I seemed to show quickly. They moved our due date from 10/13/18 to 10/03/18 and told us to expect a baby in September, but hope for a baby in October. We went from 10+weeks to 12 weeks and 6 days in 3 minutes. WOW! We were also told that if we were going to do the chromosome testing we would need to due that today. If we waited until tomorrow even, we’d lose our window of opportunity.

Week 13, the last week of the First Trimester, we got our test results and another ultrasound. On 04/02/18 (13+weeks), we found out we’re having a…..BOY! Technically on the day we turned 14 weeks we had another ultrasound. All was well! HE was in the 97 percentile with a good strong heartbeat and was moving around like crazy.

I’m still quite nauseous and exhausted. All month long, I’ve been getting shooting pains around and underneath my stomach. The first time I felt them I freaked thinking this was the end and something must be wrong. The doctor after the ultrasound assured us (or tried to at least) that nothing was wrong. That pain was a good sign, as long as I didn’t have more than 3 in an hour.  We were now onto our Second Trimester!

Side note: We moved in and unpacked our stuff. 95% of our boxes left the house with the movers and we are slowly organizing and finding places for everything! Baby has a set room and the dogs have their stuff again! I can also workout now, and have been trying to (thanks, nausea!) 3-4 times a week. I came off the Progesterone and Prednisone on March 31, 2018 which was amazing! What was even better, was coming off the Heparin on April 2, 2018!

What will baby be? March 28, 2018

General Info
Weight: Gained and no, I’m not sure how much. The first few appointments I would look at the scale, but seeing the numbers go up really messes with me. I was already at my heaviest after all the miscarriages, medications, and lack of exercise. Seeing the numbers climb make me worry. The doctors and I decided that I would not weigh myself (or look at the numbers) and that they’d tell me if/when I need to change things up.
Cravings/Aversions: From week 5 on, I have craved green sour apples. I eat 2 a day with a little bit of peanut butter or chocolate. The last couple weeks of the trimester, I have wanted either warm or cold chocolate.
Sleep: I sleep about 9 hours on a good night and usually take a 1.5-2 hour nap during the day. With that being said, my 9 hours at night is interrupted, four or five times, by bathroom breaks, turning the fan on and off, or trying to find a comfortable position.
Medications: Prednisone (10mg AM, 5mg PM), Heparin injections (5000IU/twice a day), Progesterone (200mg PM), Prenatal with methylated folate (3 pills/day), Baby Aspirin (81mg AM), Zyrtec (10mg AM), Pepcid (20 mg AM), Diclegis (2 pills PM)
Misc.: My nails went from long and healthy to brittle when I switched prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant. I didn’t think they’d be this hard to maintain, but they are breaking left and right. My hair also went from fine and full to fine, limp, and oilier than normal.


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