Baby Haul | Part 1 | Let’s Get Started

Let me first start by saying that this baby haul has not been done all at once, we have not purchased everything, and the majority of things has been purchased whilst on sale, consignment, or close out.

As I go through what we currently have, I will tell you what we’ve (personally) purchased, what was gifted, etc. and about how much we spent. Because let’s be honest, we’re all on some type of budget and being conscious of the price is important.

I’m planning on doing 3 of these Hauls. The beginning (this one), one towards the mid to end of summer (a shower haul), and a third of things we decided to purchase just before Baby Boy gets here.

Like I said earlier, we have not purchased everything here in one fell swoop. We were very hesitant to buy anything and jinx the fragile process, we didn’t see the point in purchasing items without knowing the sex (especially knowing we’d be finding out), and we knew that once we started purchasing it’d be hard to stop. So we waited!


Around week 7, I signed up with a consignment group here in our area. I figured I’d watch there Facebook page for information and asked to be notified of their twice a year sales. Around weeks 9 or 10, I received an email from them. They were offering 2 free tickets, would have everything from clothing to furniture to toys to strollers all in good to like new conditions. The sale would be during our week 14 or pregnancy and we knew that by then we’d know what we’d be having.

At this sale, we mainly bought clothes and a couple of bath towels. We bought a bath towel, onesies, sleepers, sweaters, and a snow suit. All of this cost us less than $34! A few of the items had never been worn and still had the tags on them.

Less than $34:  Consignment shop clothing from 0-6 months

The next stop (about 3 weeks later) was the Babies R Us closing sale. At this point nothing in our local store was more than 30% off, but I figured I’d stop in and see what they had.

I ended up purchasing a pack of swaddle blankets, sleepers (with a hat and mittens), bath towels, wash cloths, and socks for about $90. It was more than I went in thinking I would spend, but when I looked at prices at other stores around that time, I found that I would have spent anywhere from $110-$125 before tax, on those same exact items.

Babies R Us

Then, we were gifted some clothes! The clothing ranges in size from newborn to 24 months, which I appreciated.

Those who gifted us stuff knew that we were waiting to purchase and respectfully waited to give until after our nerves were settled a bit.

Clothing for a 24 month old child
Newborn clothing


We had put together our registry earlier than most, on purpose. We (I, the 3 steps ahead planner) made an excel list of just about everything we thought we’d need/want, what I decided were essentials from nannying, plus some of what others (people and websites) discussed. This list would went from 0 to 3 years old.

We made our registry, as of course a registry, but more so as a place that held an updated list so that we could slowly purchase items for Baby Boy. We told the soon-to-be grandparents that this list was meant to be used as a planned out birthday, holiday, or special occasions list.

We also purposefully kept a few things off the registry. The main things being our crib and dresser/changing station. At the time of making our registry we hadn’t fully decided on which styles/configurations of cribs, dressers, and changing tables we wanted.

Luckily for us, that worked out. We went on to look at furniture and ended up finding a crib that we both really liked…except, we weren’t paying the listed price (around $270). I put my name on their “notify me of sales” list and waited.

A few weeks later, I received an email saying that it was 60% off. That meant it was about $160. I had an additional coupon to add to it and was able to drop the price to $149 and change, free shipping. Needless to say, we bought it! crib in espresso and white

These next two items were gifted to us. We had walked around Ikea to get ideas for Baby’s room and both really liked this dresser. It was a good height, long enough to add a changing station to it (and still have room), and wasn’t childish enough that he and future siblings couldn’t use it after a few years.

It was $250 and solid wood.

ikea dresser
Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer dresser

Then, the Pack-and-Play. This guy was a registry/shower gift that everyone has told us we need.

Full price, I know this guy is $239.99, but because Buy Buy Baby is a child company of Bed, Bath, and Beyond you can use the 20% off coupons you get in the mail on most registry items.

pack and play


For both my husband and I, reading is a favorite of ours and one we are planning on sharing with any and all of our children. It’s so important to us that we have put about 30 books on our registry already.

For our announcement photo, we purchased a baby book from Target. It was a touch and feel Easter themed book for $7.99.

After making our registry, we received a coupon for a pack of Early Moments books. For $5.95, plus a $1 for shipping, we’d get 5 books. The only thing I didn’t realize was that it was a subscription. So we got the 5 books and then another pack of 3.

The second pack was $18, including shipping, for three.

Disclaimer: While this subscription based system cuts the price of the books, I did cancel the subscription after receiving the second pack.


Lastly, we got a box of poo related gifts from a couple-friend who has 2 kids. It was filled with hand sanitizer, soaps, wipes, Vick’s, etc., and a funny letter explaining it all.

It was a funny, practical gift that is currently awaiting use!

This haul of Baby things has made the realization that we are actually going to be parents hit hard and fast!

I’m curious, though, because everyone’s first purchases are different what you guys bought/received first. Leave it in the comments!

Heads up, I will not be posting a blog next Wednesday (May 30). Instead what I’ll be doing is an Instagram follow me around. I’ll be in the stories section of Instagram from May 30 to June 3! Be sure that you’re following me on Instagram now, as I’m starting the day early!  


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