Baby Haul | Part 2 | New York Baby Dinner

If you don’t know, 2 weeks ago I went to New York to visit with family and celebrate Baby! Some of whom I haven’t seen in over 2 years! It was a quick, physically taxing, but FUN trip!

Today, I am sitting down to talk about the “Baby Dinner” and give you a glimpse at what we received. Don’t forget that you can always look on Instagram (and Instagram Stories), to see a more “as it’s happening” view!

As lead up to the dinner, I was able to open the box below! It was filled with beautiful handmade items, wine(!), and items from our registry. It was such a fun treat to go through each item!

These onesies are funny little additions to our little stack of clothes, but my favorite clothing item out of this group has to be the handmade sweater! It’s a dark beige color with wide blue stripes and is very soft. I can’t wait until it is cold enough to dress him in, and hope he doesn’t resemble the Hulk by the time he’s able to wear it.

We also received our travel set of monitors and the baby wrap that will fit me.

I’ve already talked about the Pack-and-Play, but wanted to include it as it was meant to be a dinner gift! It is currently set up in our living room awaiting Baby’s arrival!

The day we put this together, we had laid out all the pieces on the floor prior to set up. A little someone decided that the bassinet would be the perfect spot to take a nap

The side table at the restaurant was set up  with the gifts and a diaper/blanket/towel Jeep. My husband and I both have had/have a Jeep and love them! This was a clever, perfect way to incorporate my husband and the Jeep Wrangler into the dinner, even though he couldn’t be there.


The rest of the area (where the party-goers ate) had balloons anchored by a hard plastic, light blue, pacifier, confetti, and a cookie on each plate. The cookies were decorated to look like a baby fox, raccoon, or bear!

It was such a great celebration of life that went well into the late evening! I’m looking forward to the next get together, with Baby!


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