Coming Back! | Our New Schedule

I am coming back with live, up to date content on November 14, 2018! Set your alarms!

This is the last preplanned, prewritten blog post since Baby Boy has been born! The last 7 weeks of blog posts were all prewritten content–hello, preparation. This allowed me to focus on baby, while still allowing me to connect and build a relationship with all of you!

My plan is to still publish a post every Wednesday around 10:30AM and slowly start to see if I can up my writing by a post or two. For the most current information about posts, and life in general, you can follow me on Instagram.

I can’t wait to establish The Colorful Notebook’s new routine and connect in real time with you all again! Just bear with me as I’m still trying to figure out how this new-mom life and blogging fit together!


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