10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Labor & Delivery

  1. Getting an induction does not mean that baby will come sooner.

    I was in Labor for 44 hours and had 3 hours of pushing. If you’re interested in the Labor and Delivery Story, stay tuned it’ll be up next week!

  2. Time progresses so strangely.

    There were some periods during labor that sped by and others that dragged along. It was a mind-f for sure to have absolutely no concept of time.

  3. NICU nurses are THE BEST!

    Our son was a delayed transition baby who needed some extra help with breathing and oxygen. These nurses loved on him, helped us navigate breastfeeding and schedules, and kept us in the loop even when it was probably easier to not give us much thought.

  4. The epidural was my best friend during labor.

    During delivery, though, there is a HIGH chance that you are still going to feel every thing. I was not really prepared for feeling all the things during delivery.

  5. If you are allowed to eat during your induction, eat lightly.

    I was allowed to eat all day Thursday. I mainly ate soup and popsicles, but I did order some baked french fries from room service. Let’s just say that when labor got going, the fries didn’t stay. Mentally, for me, getting sick made labor worse. I felt physically weaker, defeated, and (for a short time) lost focus on the labor process.

  6. SLEEP!
    I don’t think I slept more than a couple of hours at a time, but those little catnaps were so helpful in making the initial stages of labels.

  7. Communicate with everyone.
    Talking with the nurses assigned to me was key in calming my fears and anxiety. They helped me get through tough parts of labor and postpartum. We had steps in place for different scenarios and I never felt that I my thoughts, concerns, etc. weren’t valid.

  8. Be flexible. It’s labor–things WILL NOT go according to plan.

    It doesn’t matter what your plan is…my birth plan consisted of “relax”, “walk around when possible”, “get epidural”, and “open to Emergency measures when necessary”. I thought I was ready to deal with everything and there were some points that I was more passionate on then I thought I was.  

  9. Use your people. They are there to help you–lean on them.

    I wanted to “stay strong” and “handle” labor and delivery. Oh boy, did I need to lean on my husband–mentally, physically, emotionally…

  10. If you can, soak in the time with your significant other/birthing partner before labor gets too crazy.

    Talk, laugh, watch tv, have fun in the last few moments before you welcome the little bundle! 

Wow, that’s it (that came out so fast as I sit here on the couch [11/6/18]! Those are the top 10 things that I wish I knew before stepping into Labor and Delivery. If you have something to add-on to any of these, let us know in the comments below! Let’s keep the conversation going!

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