Holiday Preparation | Christmas Decorations

Oh, the holidays! What a hectic, overwhelming, yet wonderful time!

All of the sudden, we are days away from Christmas. This post is almost 2 weeks late. The tree was just assembled. There are no holiday cookies. It’s the most relaxed holiday season we’ve had. It’s great!

This post is all about the interior decorations! Let’s get started!

Entry Way

The floral arrangement is all from Hobby Lobby. The multi-color light tree we got last year at the Post Exchange. The ornaments are the clay ornaments from the kiosk in the mall. We get one every year to represent the last 12 months. Everything else has been a gift.

Living and Dining Area

Our tree is a seven-and-a-half foot, Virginia Slim lit tree, from Target. The ornaments and placemats are all from Target, too. Santa, stockings, candies, and the table center piece are from King Soopers.  Accent pillows are from Amazon.

*  *  *

In keeping with the Fall Decor, we keep it pretty simple here. Its cute and the cleanup/transition to the next season is very easy. What do your decorated areas look like?


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