Must Haves | Sleep Regression

Here we are…early afternoon, lunch has been eaten, chores completed, the baby sleeping, the snow falling, and I am sitting down to write…Except, that I am hitting a wall with writing. I have a running list of posts and projects to write about, with very little time to complete them.

I typically write and take photos for a post anywhere from 10-14 days in advance. I do this for various reasons, but mainly so that I can take my time writing, editing, shooting photos, etc.

Today, and the last 2 posts, we are less than 24 hours out with nothing written down. Ah, motherhood, you are keeping me on my toes for sure. Because I can’t think of ANYTHING else than sleep today I’m writing about this horribly cruel phase called sleep regression.

For the last, almost 5 weeks, Mr. Baby slept through the night from 7PM to 7AM. 90% of the time, (from week 2 on) we were very strict about his nap and bed times. A few days before hitting his 4 month mark, though, all hell broke lose. He started a sleep regression. Holy hell! I think I am more tired than when he was a newborn! He started getting up every 3-4 hours, was starving, and incredibly fussy.

If it wasn’t for these four items, I don’t know how we would have handled this regression.

This is not a sponsored post.

Baby Wearing

I’ve worn Mr. Baby from birth, using the Baby K’tan and Lillebaby carriers, but they have been a LIFESAVER for this period. With the Lillebaby especially, I am able to be hands free for shopping, cleaning, and cooking. He is able to be comforted and I am able to get things done!

Enough said.

Noise Makers

When we got this aquarium, I was a little unsure of it’s effectiveness. We now have it hooked to the side of the crib, but can easily remove it and bring it downstairs.

We refer to it has his TV. It plays either white noise or lullaby music and the “tank” lights up, while the fish move. It buys me a good 5 minutes of contentment to be baby free. We don’t use it often, maybe once a day, but it was good money spent by the gift giver!

Bonus, it also has a remote for parental control. This allows you to turn it on or off without needing to be in the room. I haven’t used this yet, but it seems useful!

Formula Pitcher

This one is really simple. It’s a mixing pitcher for formula, pretty basic, but has made feeding time significantly easier. I don’t like mixing the formula in the bottles since it creates a ton of air bubbles and is always a little more once mixed. Letting it sit in the Dr. Brown’s bottles clogs tends to clog the air vent, so this pitcher is the best.

Anyway, this pitcher makes prepping the feedings for the day fast and easy. Making all the ounces at once and warming the formula may seem like no big deal, but those few minutes preparing every feeding add up. Now, I can pour the formula into the bottle, set it in the warmer, and it’s ready when I come back downstairs with Mr. Baby! Doing this, also cuts down on the amount of time he is fussy.


This is THE CHEAPEST and easiest distraction method. I’ll play anything–classic rock, country, alternative/punk rock, pop, classical music, kids music…It doesn’t matter, Mr. Baby and I have danced or rocked and sang many hours away.

He doesn’t know where the noise is coming from so he’s constantly looking for it. My singing (for better or worse!) is something he can focus on. The movement is relaxing and more often the not the lights are dimmed, setting the scene for some sleep.

In the comments below, tell me what some of your sleep regression tips are. I’m sure this isn’t going to be his last one and this mama will need help keeping her sanity!

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