Highchair Activity | Paint In A Bag

In a desperate attempt to give my arms a two minute break, I tried out (what I’m calling) a highchair activity. Now, I know I am not the first to come up with this, but I have been so impressed with this paint in a bag activity!

You can also customize it to the age and ability of your child, which is pretty darn cool!

What do I need?

Plastic Bags
Scotch Tape–clear is best
Washable, Non-toxic Paint
Baby Seat with Tray

paint in a bag

What do I do?

Put a dollop of paint in the bag. I choose 2 colors so that it’s a little more stimulating. I remove the air, zip the bag and then attach it to the tray. When attaching the bag to the tray, I tape down all 4 sides and put the opening side farthest from baby!

Then, step back. At first–almost always–he’s unsure. After a couple of minutes, though, watch out! He gets so interested and excited about the bagged paint! I can typically get anywhere of 5-10 minutes of handsfree, no entertainment time.

A plus? Little to no clean up! I pick up the bag and throw it away.

Another plus? You can save the bag and reuse it.

I’ve reused the same bag up to 3 days in a row!

He loves this activity. He still seems to feel like he’s involved in whatever is happening in the kitchen AND is distracted enough that I can get a couple of chores done!


Let’s talk!

What are some highchair activities that you’ve thought of, tried, or maybe want ME to try first?? Tell me in the comments below!

sign off!

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