Life Blip | Baptism Weekend

Oh man! Let’s go into today’s “surprise” post with an apology! This Life Blip is almost 2 FULL WEEKS late. I have promised to get it posted MANY times and have come alarmingly farther from the original posting day. So here we are. I’m eating lunch, trying to type this out and post it within the next 30 minutes. Let the writing of “Life Blip | Baptism” commence!

I can’t believe that the last Life Blip was back in January! Yikes, I need to get better at these!

June 1st brought a bunch of family and friends together and we celebrated M3’s baptism. It was a really fun family affair weekend that isn’t able to happen nearly enough anymore!


We started the weekend off on Friday by going up to Idaho Springs for lunch, ice cream, and to tour the town!

From there, we went to my in-laws for pizza, beers, and some solid family fun time before the craziness of the baptism took over! M3 refused to go to sleep at their house that night, so we decided to throw routine out the door and let him stay up and hang. The poor kid is too stubborn for his own good and could barely hang! I think his favorite part of the night was rolling on the floor with Dad.

Life Blip | Baptism
Rolling around with Dad!


The day of his baptism was also his second swim lesson! He is a tiny little fish who LOVES splashing, “jumping” in the water, and cruising around the pool! My parents and grandfather were able to come and watch his lesson, which was so fun!

Swim lesson!

Rounding out the weekend was his baptism! I was a little nervous how he’d handle the blessing and anointing process, but he was a champ! He talked to and over the deacon that preformed his service and was a little ham for the photos!

It was a great weekend!

sign off!

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