9 Month Postpartum Announcement

Well, there is no nine month postpartum update! The announcement I have been waiting to give, fingers crossed, hoping to share is finally here!

Not only have I battled mono and the flu, in the last 3-ish months, but I have been dealing with a new pregnancy!

Yep! We are pregnant!

This baby and M3 will be about 15 months apart. Baby #2 will be joining ys some time in mid-January. Thankfully, and hopefully, giving us a chance to get through the holiday craziness. Wish us luck!

Being pregnant, again, has presented quite a few challenges. At this point, I LOOK much farther along than I am. Today (7/17/19), I am 13 weeks. I’m super sick and truly exhausted! My body hurts already and the carpal tunnel is flaring up. I’m so grateful!

Come back this Saturday, for the First Trimester Recap! In the meantime, I am taking advantage of nap time and taking a nap myself!

If you want to compare the pregnancies, here is the First Trimester Recap of M3!

Leave any tips and tricks for having 2 under 2 in the comments below!

Want more postpartum discussion? Every post related to postpartum is here!

sign off!

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