Family Holiday Bucket List

Getting ready for the holidays is stressful any year, but having a 14 month old and being 8 months pregnant has brought it to a whole new level! This year, I wanted our last family of three Christmas to truly be enjoyable…bring on the bucket list!

I wrote down a list of 10 holiday things or events that we have participated in pre-kids, with a baby, and then a couple of new things that we thought might be fun to try! If your kid(s) are old enough, you could make this a fun evening activity coming up with your list!

After a couple of days, I went back and prioritized this list…Whittling the list from 10 down to 8. This was the best decision! Let’s be honest here, fitting in any more than 8 things this year will probably be near impossible and I wanted this to be fun, not overwhelming.

When making this list, I had 3 categories I was keeping in mind.

Community events (family and friends welcome to join)
Family only activities
At home activities

Your categories may be totally different, if you have categories at all. Remember this is supposed to be YOUR family’s bucket list! Make it fit you!

Bucket List

When we finalized our list, I went to Canva andcreated the list with a free template. I decided to use UPS to print…for only a $1.50! To mark the events or activities off as we go, we will be placing a Christmas sticker next to each one, but you could simply cross them off.

Bucket List Ideas

Community events (look at local libraries, your Chamber of Commerce, zoos/aquariums/museums, malls, stores, etc)
At home activities (baking, decorating, having a special meal, watching a movie, reading, etc)
A goal for your family to achieve together by Christmas Eve
A new activity that you’ve never participated in

Let’s get social!

What are some of your bucket list ideas? Do you have a different way to track/check off your traditions or new activities? For next year, what are some of your favorite activities to do with a 2 year old and almost 1 year old???

Happy Holidays!

sign off!

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