The Ending, Round Two | Third Trimester Recap

Goodbye, Second Trimester! What a rough 13 weeks…there really is no other way to phrase it.

When we hit that third trimester, a wave of relief and dread hit. Relief because I was inching my way closer to full term. Dread because I knew that the longer I stayed pregnant, the sicker I would become…

Month 7

Between the end of the week 23 and week 28, I went from daily doctor appointments to weekly to twice per week. From about week 22 on, I started showing signs of preeclampsia again. Swelling, kidney infections, headaches, vomiting, exhaustion, high blood pressure and/or inconsistent blood pressure…it was horrible. 

At 26 weeks, I was doing a weekly Non Stress Test and biophysical ultrasound to monitor the baby. Contractions at this point were consistent at 25 minutes apart. 

At 28 weeks and 1 day, I went in for a growth scan and glucose test. Long story short, baby looked great, but a bit large and I failed my glucose test. I opted to test my blood sugar 3x per day instead of going through the 3 hour test. They agreed that I could do that, IF I record my food choices along with my numbers AND email them to the doctor before any appointment. I agreed. 

The big positive during this time, aside from seeing Baby of course was Halloween and going to the Army v. Air Force game with friends! 

Month 8

At 30 weeks and 3 days, we went to a brunch to celebrate ALL the November birthdays within our friend group! We had a great time, but I was SO swollen, uncomfortable and my preeclampsia symptoms were slowly increasing in severity. 

This month, aside from having consistent contractions and dislocated ribs, was fairly mellow…until week 35 that is.

Dr appt.–high bp into hospital immediately

Just got back from my appointment. The baby looks good on the monitor and my levels all are stable, although it’s on the higher side of normal. I am officially in the books to be induced on 1/14/20, as long as nothing crazy happens. If something happens (my blood pressure gets high again, the baby needs to get out earlier, my swelling worsens, Etc.), I will be induced earlier. They wanted me to get in the books because it’s easier to move my date to an earlier time once I’m in the system. 

quote that I sent to Mike, updating him

All that being said, I am almost 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The doctor said she’d be surprised if I made it to 39 weeks with the amount of contractions that I’m having and the progress that they are making. Last week (12/16/19), in the hospital, I was 0 cm and 0% effaced”

Month 9

On December 27, my contractions were consistently every 3 minutes. I went to Labor and Delivery and was informed that I’d be given medication to stop contractions. After talking through my concerns, my doctor, nurses, and I decided against medications. They’d give my body 3 hours to stop contracting before revisiting giving medications…when they got to, and stayed at, 7-9 minutes apart they let us go home to rest…at 3:30AM.

I had my L&D follow up and regular OB appointment on the same day. On December 30, my blood pressure was quite high. The follow up doctor’s goal was simple…make it to Thursday’s appointment. I’d continue to track my blood pressure and diabetes, and if anything felt bad or got high, I’d be delivering. If I could make it to Thursday, we’d be moving my induction date up. I’m seeing the same doctor that I saw today and she said that if I’m feeling the same way and having similar blood pressure readings, they will induce me by Sunday.

On Thursday, January 2, my induction rescheduled for the 7th at 7PM.

On January 4, around 1:33PM, I was feeling REALLY bad. I had a horrible headache, was vomitting, the swelling was increasing, vision was worsening, and could not keep my eyes open. All of that and my blood pressure was lower than ever before. EVERY. THING. HURT.

By 2:53, I was in the hospital, getting blood work drawn, some pain management, and monitoring baby.

At 7:03, I texted my parents with an update, that you’ll read in a second. Between 2:53 and 7:03 the following happened…Keep in mind that Mike was home until 5PM taking care of M3.

They gave me phenergan to help with the vomiting and headache and are going to see what that does. I can’t drive with it in my system and they still aren’t sure what the doctor is going to do. the doctor to admit me, but the nurse doesn’t think it’s safe for me and the baby to go home. The meds they gave me aren’t touching the nausea and headache and my BP is still all over the place. We’re waiting to hear back with official word from the doctor/high risk team, but they told Mike to come with a bag and no baby.

Text update that I sent my parents

7:03 PM I was officially admitted to Labor and Delivery and moved out of triage. I received medication to help with pain and force me to get some sleep. At this point, the plan was to re-evaluate at 5AM. If I still felt horrible or things get worse overnight, they’d induce.

At 4AM on Janurary 5th, we started the induction!

General Info

Weight: I have gained about 40 pounds, total. Way less than M3’s pregnancy, but still WAY more than I had hoped for.

Going to the chiropractor during this pregnancy has been SO helpful. I can’t recommend it enough!

Cravings/Aversions: At this point, I have a VERY limited appetite. Nothing sounded great, except for Christmas Eve dinner. I had steak for the first time in YEARS.

Sleep: If I could sleep all day, every day, I think I would. I am exhausted!

Now, I sleep whenever M3 sleeps. Naps? Check! His bedtime? Check! When he’s awake (if I have another adult in the house with him)? Check! I can NOT get enough sleep. It’s a bit ridiculous!

Medications: Prenatal with methylated folate (3 pills/day), Baby Aspirin (81mg AM), Zyrtec (10mg AM), Pepcid (20 mg AM, 20 mg PM), Bonjesta (anti-nausea (1 pill PM), Magnesium (200mg PM), Potassium (200mg PM), Macrobid (general antibiotic for kidney infection), Amoxicillin (for the ear infection), Z-PAK and inhaler (bronchitis), glyburide (1 pill/day).

sign off!

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