The Final Performance, Round Two | Labor & Delivery

And here we are! I can NOT believe that I’m finally able to sit down and write this post! Jack is almost 6 months old and we’ve had quite an adventure since he arrived.

Before we get started, you may want to go back to the Third Trimester Recap to get a better understanding/refresher of what was happening. Also, keep in mind that this post is as much for me as it is meant for you all. This is a way for me to look back in a couple of years when my memory is foggy…

This post will also be very word heavy, as I do not have any photos of this time.

Ok, ready? I hope you grabbed a cool glass of wine as we dive in!

At 4AM on January 5th we started cytotec. Throughout this entire day, we completed 5 rounds before deciding to move on. At the 4th round there was no change.

By 11:30 PM, this was the update parents had received.

We may be doing one more round tonight before moving to Pitocin. I’m exhausted, but have been able to sleep on and off throughout the day. Contractions are slowly increasing, but still no change (2 centimeters). I can’t tell if I’m uncomfortable because of the contractions or the bed they have me in…

text update to parents

The fifth round changed the labor process quickly, thanks to a nurse that was ALL business. That brought about the REAL start of labor.

At 1AM on January 6th, we had started Pitocin, I got an epidural by 5 centimeters, and things were moving along!

Around 7 centimeters, I started to notice that I was feeling WAY MORE than I should be. They rechecked the epidural, which seemed fine and thought that I was maybe pressing the medication release button more than I thought. It turns out, the epidural wasn’t working properly. Period. By 10AM, I quickly realized that the epidural I do passionately loved a few hours ago was a thing of the past.

At 11AM, we started pushing. At 13:43, John Emerson Devens (Jack, as we call him) arrived!

Our second joy-filled moment quickly turned into concern, again. Jack was a healthy 8 pounds 1.8 ounces, with a full head of dark hair. While he was crying, he still needed a bit of help breathing and was taken to the NICU for observation.

As with Michael, breathing struggles are fairly common in Colorado because of the altitude.

Once again, while all of this was happening, I was having complications of my own. It was a flashback to Michael’s delivery at this point…

My placenta would not detach. I was hemorrhaging, which was causing dizziness and confusion. I only had a single second-degree tear that required sutures. I needed Pitocin again, post delivery. After all that was dealt with, I was exhausted and napped for 2 hours.

When I woke up, the baby was still in the NICU. I was cleaned up, taken care of hygienically, and allowed by my nurse to “escape” to visit my baby. We wheeled over and I got to see and hold him!

At 5PM, big brother came to visit and was not thrilled.

On January 7th at 5AM, Jack was brought from the NICU to our room. On the 8th, he was put under the bilirubin lighting for 24 hours to reduce jaundice.

January 9th at 2PM, we had escaped the hospital and were headed home!

Ultimately, everything turned out in our favor. He was discharged from the hospital, we have our second baby boy! Home, safe, and healthy.

The doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff were great! They kept us in the loop, handled my anxiety riddled self with patience and kindness, and loved on my baby when I couldn’t.

My labor and delivery was, once again, nothing like I had imagined. Lightning doesn’t strike twice…right?! I was expecting a faster delivery and birth process, doing skin-to-skin with my baby immediately…all the things everyone talks about. With that being said, nothing about our journey to baby was easy and this fit the mold.


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