Room by Room | Master Bedroom Clean-Out

I don’t know about you, but I love a good home-purging session. Top to bottom, every nook and cranny, random box, and drawer. We have been going through the ENTIRE house and recently completed our bedroom. When I say that we touched and looked at every item in our bedroom, I do mean every. single. item. Clothes, shoes, accessories, random items that didn’t belong, trash…EVERYTHING!

We’ve lived in this house for 2 years and 4 months and hadn’t done more than contain the mess. Like you, we’re busy. At that point, we were focused on the new house, new job, and soon-to-be new baby. Then 6 months after after the first baby, we were pregnant again. So here we are. Seven months after our second was born, we are finally ready and willing to put the work in to decluttering and minimizing our space!

Our bedroom took a solid 2 days to declutter. A few hours the first day of going through every item of clothing and shoes and then about 5 hours the second day to go through bins, reorganize, and clean. We were surprisingly efficient. We had 4 areas in our room to help avoid cleaning up throughout the process. Our floor in front of the bed was the dump zone. All the items were put here so that we could go through them. The bed was the keep zone, the floor on either side of the bed was donation, and the broken hampers/hall were the toss zones. I also purchased a cheap clothing rack to place hanging items.

We took everything out of the closet, drawers, laundry room, bins, and old boxes and got to work! Donating, tossing, and keeping each had a set of rules that we both followed. Keep these few things in mind when looking at our rules. One, we live in a four season environment and need a full year to see what we’ve used/not used. Two, our “memories” included thing related to military, graduations, weddings, and children. Three, our seasonal items were kept for now knowing that if we don’t wear them during that season they’ll be donated or sold.


  • have not worn in the last year
  • have no interest in wearing again
  • change in styles, age, and size
  • never worn/still had tags, but could not return


  • damaged beyond repair
  • donation centers did not accept it and no one we knew would want the item
  • was actual trash
  • unable/unwilling to clean before donating (ie gum stuck to something, large long-lasting stain)


  • we wear it/will continue to wear
  • unsure about wear during an upcoming season
  • we have memories attached to items (wedding, graduation, etc)
  • uniforms and/or memorabilia (military, graduations)

We removed SO MUCH from our room! 3 garbage bags of donations, 4 Costco diaper boxes of clothing to sell, 2 full hampers to throw away (hampers included), plus one garbage bag to toss. Now, it’ll be easier for me to go through clothing/accessories and get rid of what doesn’t fit our rules as time/seasons pass.

As for the things in our room, we tossed what was used (but no longer using), donated unused items, and kept what we reached for daily.

What room do you use daily that needs to be decluttered? I was dreading clearing out this space, but it’s so much more calming when you’re not wading through chaos.

Next up, is the kids’ bedroom!

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