Baby Preparation | Maintaining Freezer Meal Organization | Part 4

Finding a system to maintain just about anything can be INCREDIBLY challenging! Finally, after far too much trial and error, I can share with you our super simple system! The guess work for what is in our Freezer Meals freezer has been removed!

Baby Preparation | What’s In My Hospital Bag?

The time has come to discuss all things related to the Hospital Bag! I had a very small emergency bag that I took with me to our quick, unexpected runs, but this was the real deal. The "you can come in, but you aren't leaving without a baby" bag. Today, I'm sharing with you how I knew what to bring, what I actually packed, and where I got some of the items. I'm curious... What did you pack in your hospital bag as a first time (delivering) mom-to-be? Did you over pack? Under pack? Let me know!

Baby Preparation |Pantry Organization | Part 3

Baby Preparation is still in full swing! About a month ago, I purchased clear bins to help organize our pantry as it was starting to get out of control and we were losing track of what we had. I spent about two-and-a-half hours cleaning and organizing this area. Now, it is functioning beautifully and we have been able to maintain the organization and cleanliness!

Baby Preparation | Hospital Classes

In the last 5 weeks, we sat through 4 parenting/birthing classes at our local hospital. Some of the classes were fantastic and some were surprising bummers. Today I sat down and wrote out the pros and cons of each class and my recommendations/rankings of the classes. If you are a first-time parent to be, what classes did/will you participate in? If you are a seasoned parent, what classes did you take or find most helpful?

Oh Monday, Monday, I am glad you are gone

Last week, I talked through all of my Day 3 testing, how painful that was, and the next test. Today was that next hysteroscopy. To say I was nervous would be a HUGE understatement. From the reading and research I had done, this was going to be painful, but I'd be asleep. From nurses … Continue reading Oh Monday, Monday, I am glad you are gone