Room by Room | Nursery | Tour

Deciding on a nursery theme, idea, look was the easiest thing for us to do–especially once we found out it was a boy! Almost immediately, we came up with the Colorado/mountain/woodland theme. Baby animals, lumberjack plaid, natural wood (or wood-like) elements, and of course a mural or artwork depicting the mountains would all be included.

We decided on this theme early (around the 4.5 month mark) so that we could slowly buy items that we felt would work. We knew that by the end of August the room NEEDED to be completed so that we weren’t rushing last-minute to settle into the nursery. This saved our (my) sanity and protected our budget. Most importantly, thought, it helped to take the stress out of creating a nursery.

The Painting

The first thing we decided on was the mural that we (a.k.a husband) would paint. Thanks to Pinterest we had many options that we quickly narrowed down. This was also the cheapest way to go at $100 for all the supplies. Granted we had some supplies already–paint brushes, rollers, drop clothes, etc. The only things we purchased were the four paint colors (stir sticks and can openers are free at Home Depot when you buy paint), paints pans, and tape. We ended up painting last because in the grand scheme of things furniture, clothing, and lighting are more important than the mural.

Disclaimer: because some of our baby shower gifts were gift cards, we only paid about $60 out-of-pocket.


As for the furniture we decided that we wanted 3 main pieces and 2 “supporting” pieces. The 3 main pieces are the crib, dresser/changing area, and rocker/glider. The crib was the first thing we bought for the nursery. Thanks to sales and our patience, we were able to purchase it at almost a 70% discount!


The second item that was purchased was the dresser that will double as a changing station and extra storage. The dresser that we chose is from Ikea’s Hemnes collection. It is an eight-drawer dresser in “Medium Brown”. There will be a post on the organization of this dresser and the rest of the room on September 19, so stay tuned! This was gifted to us and we gave the purchasers a coupon we had, taking an additional $30 off.

ikea dresser

The final main furniture piece that we got was the rocker/glider. When looking for this piece of furniture, we decided that we would invest a little bit of money on it and eventually move it down into our living room to use for years to come. For a while, we had our hearts set on a reclining glider from Buy Buy Baby, but still could NOT fathom spending about $600 for a cloth glider. Finally, after waiting and searching, we found a reclining rocker at American Furniture Warehouse. It was a brown leather that matched our living room style and couch, for future use, AND it fit with the color scheme of the nursery. Another plus? After using gifted money, we only paid $167 out-of-pocket. Thank goodness for patience! 


For, what we are considering, supporting furniture pieces we were okay with not spending a ton of money and finding deals from either Ikea or Target. Ultimately, we choose the bookshelf and nightstand from Ikea. Both are new to the store and were marked VERY low.

For the nightstand, I wanted something simple with either a drawer or a place to put a small basket. I figured this would make nursing and late nights easier us. For a whopping $10, we found one!


Next up was the bookcase. We went back and forth on what we wanted. Wall shelving, an actual bookcase, a basket, or closet storage. When I found this bookcase for $20, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. It’s simple, slim, and has enough shelves to use it as a multi-purpose shelving solution.


Misc. Items to Note

Bedding for Baby Boy’s crib was a lucky find! We were scouring through Babies R Us when we stumbled upon this bedding set called “Little Campers” for $68 (that’s a 72% savings!). Needless to say, it was adorable, inexpensive, and matched our theme perfectly!


The lamps were a necessity, as this room’s ceiling fan is only a fan. There was no lighting in his room, which would make for a bit of a problem for those late nights. We found a large 2 light lamp and a small table lamp at Target when they had their 25% off back to school sales and scooped them up! Our Target debit card also gave us an additional 5% off the entire purchase, which was a nice perk.

The curtains we will be adding are another Target find–I swear, if you shop it right, Target can have some of the best finds! They are blackout curtains and nicely coordinate with the nursery without being too matchy-matchy.

We had so much fun planning, buying, and setting up Baby’s nursery over the last 3-ish months and I was so excited to be able to share this with you all! For parents, or parents-to-be, what did/does your nursery space look like? I’m always curious to see! If it’s on Instagram, tag me so I can sneak a peek! My Instagram handle is @thecolorfulnotebooks


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