Room by Room | Basement | Part 1

OH, MAN, talk about a doozy of a project! This took us 2 full days of going through and clearing out and 1 full day to put together shelving and arrange furniture. Because this was such a big project, I’ll be covering this area in two parts.

We started by moving everything to the sides. We’ve been in this house for 2.5 years, but these boxes have traveled with us from Army post to Army post…The back wall of boxes had not been opened in 7 years. SEVEN! We had boxes of scrap paper and mail from when we lived in Texas.

Like we did with the master bedroom, we sorted into our 3 main piles. Toss. Sell/Donate. Keep. We added an additional pile for papers that needed to be gone through. This pile would be anything from medical documents, diplomas, contracts, manuals, etc.

We decided, before getting started, to buy a Dumpster Bag from our trash company. We had old furniture and TONS of trash that I didn’t want to slowly throw away with our regular trash. This was HANDS DOWN the best decision we made!

We started going box by box . As our piles got larger, we would move the trash to the Dumpster Bag in the garage. At one point, our piles were ALL over the floor. You couldn’t easily get from one side to the other until we were about a third of the way through the boxes.

Now, I can’t talk about our “after”, yet. We have gone through every box and know what is where, but needed to re-box the majority until we could get some organizational items down here. Like I’ve said, it’s a process! Our next, “project” for the basement is finalizing shelving units, re-box items into clear bins, and creating storage, an office, and a little guest area. For us, for now, we need this area functional and simple. Comfortable, too!

Once we finish the basement, I will hop back on here and share our after photos! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions when it comes to organization, function, or comfort–leave them in the comments!


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